Where are Saba Plant based products made?

Saba Plant based kombucha and yoghurts are made in Dubai, UAE.
Our products are 100% vegan, organic and naturally fermented.

What is a SCOBY and what is it made of ?

SCOBY stands for (Symbolic culture of bacteria and yeast) a term invented by Booch Buddy Len Porzio in the mid 1990’s. It is a thick, rubbery ingredient used in the fermentation and production of Kombucha. SCOBY is also often referred to as the culture, mother and baby. Kombucha SCOBY is the product of the bacteria in the brew, which creates strands of cellulose that weave together.

What makes your Kombucha so special?

Shhh! The secret is in our recipe. What we can say though is;

  • We only use Organic ingredients
  • We use glass to protect your health and the environment
  • We have an amazing Mama SCOBY bursting with probiotics
  • We do not add gas or sugar
  • We only use Organic Agave syrup
What are the probiotics/ prebiotics in Saba plant based products? What they do?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that restore gut flora when consumed and prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. Health benefits of these include strengthening your immune system, improving digestion and protecting your body from harmful bacteria.

How much Kombucha can i drink?

As it is an all-natural drink, there really is no rule! We believe to get the best benefits of the Kombucha it’s great to drink it on a daily basis. We suggest drinking 50cl to start with a day.

Is it better to drink Kombucha in an empty stomach?

Most nutritionists recommend drinking Kombucha on an empty stomach or before meals for optimal digestive benefits. This can also help with the maintenance of weight or even weight loss as sour and acidic foods usually curb your appetite.

Is your Kombucha raw and vegan ?

Sure is! We keep it raw to keep all probiotics intact and vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy it. The sediment at the bottom is simply the naturally occurring yeast.

Should I keep my Saba products in the fridge?

Yes ALWAYS keep your Saba kombucha , Saba Plant based yoghurts and drinking yoghurt in the fridge just like you would with your milk 🙂 .

What are the benefits of eating probiotic-rich foods?

Probiotics are made up of good bacteria to help support a healthy digestive system. They are also proven to help boost your immunity, clear skin and improve overall heart health.

What do you use to make your vegan yoghurts?

We use certified organic coconut milk, organic live cultures, fresh fruit and a dash of agave syrup to give our yoghurts a subtly sweet taste.

What is unique about your Cocogurt Drink packaging?

They are 100% plant-based! Our reusable bottles are made from cane sugar and plant extracts so we can do our bit to protect the planet.

What are the health benefits of Cocogurt Drink?

With every sip, you consume billions of live, plant-powered probiotics to help calm the gut and strengthen the digestion system!

Does your Oatgurt contain probiotics?

Of course! Every tub of Oatgurt is bursting with billions of live, active cultures to help balance the gut and strengthen the digestive system.

What are the health benefits of Oatgurt?

Every tub of Oatgurt contains a rich source of plant-based protein as well as billions of live probiotics. Oats are specifically great for boosting our metabolism, improving digestion and reducing our risk of heart and bone disease.

Does your Kefir contain probiotics?

Billions! Every bottle of Kefir is bursting with live, active cultures that help to balance the gut and strengthen the digestive system.

What are the health benefits of Kefir?

So many! Kefir is like a secret agent for your health. Not only does it boost your digestive health and fortify your immune system, but it also aids in weight loss, lowers cholesterol and stabilises blood pressure.

What is the taste and texture of Kefir?

Kefir is known for its distinctive tangy flavour, which adds a pleasant zing to your palate, whilst having a smooth and creamy texture.

How is Kefir different to yoghurt?

While they are both fermented dairy products, kefir is thinner in consistency, has a different set of beneficial microorganisms, and a slightly tangier taste compared to yoghurt. Yoghurts also only contain bacteria while a kefir is a mix of healthy yeast and bacteria offering more strains of probiotics (just like our kombucha).

How can I incorporate kefir into my diet?

Kefir can be consumed on its own as a drink or used as a base for smoothies. You can also pour it over cereal, mix it into salad dressings, or use it as a substitute for yoghurt or buttermilk in recipes.

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